Discover How To Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients And Earn More Income By Leveraging The Power Of Joint Ventures...
Even If You Don't Currently Have A Big List, Know Any Industry Leaders, Or Have A Hot Product To Sell.
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What Are "Joint Ventures" and How Can They Grow Your Business?
Well imagine having 10-20 leaders in your industry all promoting you and your product or program to their audience...
Imagine having Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasevich, Frank Kern sending an email to their list of hundreds of thousands of people talking about YOU!
Or imagine sending an email or making a Facebook post to your audience about a friends product or program and then getting a check for thousands or tens or thousands in the mail.
That’s what’s possible when you leverage the power of joint venture to grow your business.
Building relationships with other people in your industry who serve the same audience and then sharing each other’s products, programs and services is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, attract more clients and earn more money.
Imagine having access to an entire audience who’s already interested in what you have to offer without having to do any marketing or spend any money on expensive advertising!
And imagine being able to sell someone else’s product or program by sharing an email or a link and having money go into your bank account without having to do any delivery or put in any effort after the sale.
These are just a few of the things possible through joint ventures.
A "Joint Venture" in the information marketing industry is when two or more people come together to support each other in sharing their messages and contributing more value in the market place in a way that is a win-win-win scenario…
Meaning each partner in the relationship “wins” and the end user or customer “wins” because of the value created through the relationship.
Now you might be thinking…
“What if I don’t have a list?”
Or.. “What if I don’t know any of the leaders in my industry?”
Or… “But what about all the technology?”
And we completely understand!
I'm Jay Fiset, the founder of "JVology- The Perfect Mix Of People Fun And Profit™" and I'd like to invite you to join me at JVology LIVE!
You see, not too long ago we were struggling to make any real money online.
We had figured out the live event and offline space but transitioning to online proved to be quite the challenge.
We tried everything Brendon Burchard was teaching, we modeled Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, and we tried strategy after strategy but we never seemed to get the results we were wanting.
We started with a small list of only 1800 people and very few relaitonships in our industry since all our business was done locally but we were committed to figuring out the “online game”
We started going to more events, we joined mastermind groups and, even though we had a small list, started promoting the “big names” in the industry.
So little by little we were getting on people’s radars, we were building relationships, and we were learning how the online information industry really works.
We then decided that we wanted to launch something big so we went to the drawing board, developed our plan, and decided we wanted to do it through joint ventures.
We then launched the Mastermind To Millions brand and in just 12 months earned $2.3 Million Dollars with more than half of that revenue coming from Joint Ventures… We figured something out!
Now having done millions in online sales through joint ventures, earned hundreds of thousands in commissions promoting other people’s launches, and routinely placing in the top ten on launch leaderboards we’ve learned a TON about what works, what doesn’t, and the most efficient way to be successful with joint ventures.
Imagine being able to develop a few key relationships, contribute value in those relationships, and then leverage those relationships into hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars while sharing your message and creating your impact.
That’s what JVology LIVE is all about.
When you attend you’ll discover the art and science of profitable partnerships, the top systems & strategies, and the most efficient way to create success.
If you have a big message to share, a product or program you want to get out in the world, or a service that can change lives and you want to make a big impact while also creating a lucrative income for yourself, Joint Ventures is one of the fastest ways to do it, and JVology LIVE will give you everything you need. 
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Joint Ventures are a powerful tool to help you scale your business past the 7 figure mark. 
This picture is of me getting the Click Funnels 2 Comma Club award which I earned a few years ago with one of our funnels. 

The 2 Comma Club Award is given to businesses that have generated 7 figures through a single funnel. 

Most people that get this award do it by spending 100s of thousands of dollars running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google.

The powerful part about me getting this award was the majority of the leads came through Joint Ventures!  

One of the most powerful segments of JVology Live is where I dissect EXACTLY how I accomplished this...and how you can too!

Early Bird Regular Ticket
ONLY $197
Early Bird VIP Ticket
ONLY $397
When You Attend You Will Discover:
  • The art and science of profitable partnerships and how to quickly and easily integrate joint ventures into your business.
  • Why joint venturing with other people is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, attract more clients and earn more money.
  • A multitude of ways to joint venture even if you don’t have a big list, a hot product to sell, or any prior relationships.
  • The top places to find potential joint venture partners who are looking for support, new relationships, and additional products & services to promote to their list.
  • How to confidently approach your ideal joint venture partners, no matter their “stature” in a way that has them remember you, want to engage with you, and ultimately want to support you in your promotion.
  • How to get the “big names” in your industry to say “YES” to promoting you and your launch so that you quickly and easily get a ton of traffic to your offers.
  • The different types of joint venture partners and their varying motivation structures so that you always know how to communicate in a way that has them engaged, rewarded, and wanting to support you even more.
  • The specific information and details that a potential joint venture partner will be looking for and how to package it so that when someone asks you have the exact answer and stand out from the crowd.
  • How most joint venture partners think and how to strategically get on their radar.
  • Several possible commission structures to use in your launch or promotion that will reward your joint venture partners, keep them engaged & promoting and still remain profitable for you and your business.
  • How to create extremely fun and engaging prizes and promotions for your joint venture partners that makes the process fun, rewarding, and gets all your partners in "co-opetition" to see who can support you best.
  • How to structure your products, programs and bonuses in a way that is strategic, leveraged and attractive to your audience and joint venture partners.
  • The top conversion processes to use online to convert your joint venture traffic from prospects and leads into paying customers over and over again.
  • Multiple promotion structures that are very appealing to joint venture partners to promote that convert like crazy so that more joint venture partners will come on board and you’ll enroll a ton of new clients. 
  • All this and a whole lot more!
Your JVology™ LIVE Schedule*
*Note: All Times and Topics Are Subject to Change

Day before
4 – 6 PM – Pre-Event Mastermind
Your Bonus Session as Our Thank You. Set your intention, 
identify your Joint Venture goals, and get to know each other. 
7 – 9:30 PM – JVology VIP Reception
Meet the movers 'n shakers and set the stage for Powerful Connections!

Day 1 
9 am - 6 pm MT

Joint Venture Success Wheel
Business Stage of Development
Meet your partners - breakout sessions
VIP Exclusive Lunch with Guest Speaker
Joint Venture Business Models
Meet your partners - breakout sessions

Day 2, 
9 am - 6 pm Details below

Being JV Ready
The Art of the JV Invitation
VIP Exclusive Lunch with Guest Speaker
Perfect positioning for endless leads and recurring income
Meet your partners - breakout sessions

7 – 9 PM – JV After Hours – “JV Hot Seats with Jay”
Exclusive opportunity to get one-on-one attention and coaching with Jay in from the room
(Usually cost a ton!)

Day 3 
9 am - 5 pm 

Abundance, Collaboration and Context
(Who do you need to be, what you need to do, 
and what you need to have to succeed with Joint Ventures)
Meet your partners - breakout sessions

Welcome Lunch
Next steps and implementation for your business
The power of community & Support
Meet your partners - breakout sessions
Longterm strategy
That's a wrap!

Everything is subject to change!
Topics may likely appear at different days and times. 

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Early Bird Regular Ticket
ONLY $197
Early Bird VIP Ticket
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JVology LIVE Is Not Just A Training Event... It's A 3-Day Networking PARTY!
If you've been to any of our events before you know that we like to have FUN, we like to drink wine, and we like to create amazing experiences for everyone...
When you join us a JVology LIVE you'll be getting three days of high level training on joint ventures so that you can attract more clients and earn more money AND another big benefit of attending is the amount of powerful connections you'll make with other people in the room.
We believe that joint ventures are successful when they are predicated on a powerful relationship so we make sure there are plenty of opportunities throughout the event for you to connect with the other attendees and build real meaningful relationships
Networking, masterminds, parties and more!
When you come to JVology LIVE you'll get to network and connect with over other people who are all open to and interested in joint ventures who will be there looking to build new relationships, for new products and programs to promote and for new joint venture partners.
This is our big event of the year where you get to connect with us, our team, our high end clients and our inner circle members for networking, training and relationship building.
So if you want to be successful with joint ventures and leave with a entire list of new joint venture partners wanting to promote you and your products or programs, do whatever you must to attend JVology LIVE.
You'll be glad you did!
What's The Investment To Attend
We've invested 100's of 1000's of dollars over just the last few years of doing joint ventures in this industry into learning the secrets to joint venture success and into cultivating the relationships to learn what we have.
We've put in the time, the effort and the money to discover what really works, what doesn't, and what works best to create big success through joint ventures. 
We now earn over 7 figures per year through joint ventures and empower our clients to do the same.
We could easily charge $10,000 for this event and work with a small group of individuals to catapult their businesses using joint ventures but we want to serve and support a broader audience because when we do we know we'll have a bigger impact on the world so we want to make this a "No-Brainer" decision for you, so that you attend, learn the information, and then apply it in your life and business for a bigger impact and bigger income.
Tickets to attend the event are only $997
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    REMINDER: Using joint ventures is one of the fastest ways to grow your business, attract more clients and earn more money because you can get access to a HUGE audience simply by developing one key relationship, and when you come to JVology™ LIVE you'll discover the art and science or profitable partnerships so that you can skyrocket to success.
    When you attend you'll learn everything you need to know about joint ventures from getting "JV ready", creating JV offers, and approaching JV partners, to choosing commission structures, crafting profitable promotions and structuring your launches & promotions.
    If you're ready to attract more clients, earn more money, and start building relaitonships with the best in your industry click the button above now and join us at JVology™ LIVE.
    We hope to see you there!
    Jay Fiset
    Co-Founder: "JVology - The Perfect Mix Of People, Fun And Profit™"
    We hope to see you there!
    WARNING: If you don't figure out a way to escape the time for money trap and scale your business you'll never make the amount of money that you're capable of and never make the impact you're called to create. NOW is the time for you to step up, say "YES" to your own power and potential and expand your message to the next level. If not, you'll continue to get the same results you've been getting all along.

    REMINDER: By taking action today you will get access to the 7 live training calls with me, the 6 fundamental pillars training modules, access to the private members forum,  a complimentary ticket to the Mastermind To Millions LIVE event, AND all the other bonuses listed above.

    If you're ready to escape the time for money trap, attract more clients and exponentially grow your business, click on the button now and let's launch your mastermind and add 6-figures to your income.
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